Want great sex?

Believe it or not, God wants you to have great sex as much as you do—or else he wouldn’t have created it so good! Great sex actually comes when you accept God’s plan for your sexuality through the gift of chastity (don’t stop reading now—it gets better). Yep, chastity is about having great sex in marriage. The type of sex where you can give all of your heart, soul, mind and body without ghosts of the past, fear, regrets, or any devaluation of sex from prior experiences.

Have you ever heard of sex as “going all the way?” Well, in sex outside of marriage, a couple cannot “go all the way.” They are unable to give all of themselves in sex because there is no solid commitment to support such a self-gift. The person they are with can leave them the next day or the next year. How do you get your heart, mind and soul back? Sex outside of marriage trains us to use sex for our own desires of pleasure, security, comfort, etc. Therefore, when we do get married, we don’t know how to give all of ourselves through sex, which can lead to major deficiencies in bonding and intimacy.

Do you want sex to be only physical? You can make that decision now. However, sex which is emotionally, spiritually, and intellectually bonding is actually more pleasurable physically—you’re going “all the way.” Why don’t you train yourself now, through chastity, to desire great sex—the most fulfilling kind? Love your spouse so much today that you save this intimate experience to be even more incredible than imaginable, for only him/her.

God plans great things for our lives, including our sexuality. Are you willing to give His plan a chance?

By Heather Gallagher
The REAP Team