Discover the many young people whose lives have been changed. Their stories have inspired many when they share them in public ministry. Now you can enjoy them in the comfort of your own home (or school or wherever you are).

Jen Questions Chastity

Jen used to believe in myths about sex and relationships. Overtime, however, she discovered the truth. Read more »

Kelley - A Married Woman Looks Back

Now, as a mom of 3 kids, Kelley reflects on why she's so grateful she made a decision for chastity as a teen. Kelley also describes all the benefits of chastity as a married woman. Read more »

Kyle's Simple Perspective

Kyle uses a simple analogy to explain why saving sex for marriage makes sense to him. Read more »

Tom Answers "Why Wait?"

If you are looking for good answers to the question of ‘why wait?’ I want you to know I have been thinking about this for a long time, deciding what thoughts that I can offer to you. Read more »

Liz's Second Chance

Liz was shocked by what her boyfriend told her years after she got a second chance for chastity. Although she had mistakes in her past, his comment revealed the truth of God's transforming power. Read more »

Tom's Regrets and Second Chance

He never made a decision for chastity as a teen. Read about Tom's regrets for not making such a decision and see why he's so glad he started over and what he thinks of sex these days (it might surprise you). Read more »

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