Discover the many young people whose lives have been changed. Their stories have inspired many when they share them in public ministry. Now you can enjoy them in the comfort of your own home (or school or wherever you are).

Christina's battle with cutting

Now this happily married 23-year-old looks back on how she almost gave it all up starting with cutting to numb the pain. In the end, she chose to live and is now extremely grateful she did. Read more »

Stirring Up the Holy Spirit Videos

Many of us desire to grow closer to Christ, but don't always know how—or we forget. From this page, you can learn some very practical ways to grow in your faith. Read more »

Beth's Story on Cutting

Although Beth seems to live a fairly normal teenage life, she struggled with cutting herself. Read why she started and how she was able to stop. Read more »

No Regrets for Kalen

As a 23-year-old professional, beautiful young woman today, Kalen is so grateful she made a decision for chastity back on her 7th grade retreat - she has no regrets about this decision. As a high school student, Kalen shared these thoughts on saving sex... Read more »

Betsy As a Teen - Before Meeting Mr. Right

Besty recently married a young man who also signed a chastity card on his REAP retreat years before meeting Betsy. Read her thoughts on living chastity as a teen, long before she met Mr. Right. Read more »

Christopher's Inspiration for Respecting Women

As a skater, with several different hair colors, most people wouldn't except him to be such a knight and gentleman when it comes to honoring women. Read more »

Athlete's Choice for Chastity

Chastity was never easy for this high school and college football player, but Dan is so grateful for the gift, especially now that he's 23-years-old and dating an amazing woman. Read more »

Emily's Thoughts on the Power of Sex

Emily wants sex to be everything it's meant to be, nothing less. Read why how she views awesome, wonderful sex. Read more »

Erin's Reasons for Living Chastity

Living the virtue of chastity is a commitment that protects a person from brutal injury on the busy highway of life. Read more »

Heather's College Decisions for Sex

Will she go for the fraternity boy or wait? Read what Heather chose and how her decision affected her life. Read more »

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