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Welcome to the Jungle - Revised REAP Website

REAP's site is hip, happening and easy for teens and adults to navigate. Cruise around, tell us what you think and have fun. Read a question, submit a question. Subscribe to podcasting, hear or read awesome testimonies and don't miss the crazy fun stuff! Read more »

The REAP Team is podcasting!

The REAP Team podcasts are regular doses of inspiration for teens and adults, designed to touch your heart and move your soul toward the truth of who you are, and who God wants to be in your life. You can choose from a variety of Intriguing Interviews, Terrific Testimonies, Tantalizing Teachings, and Reel Revelations. Read the St. Louis Review Article on REAP Podcasting!

First communicants celebrate 'new relationship with Jesus'

Check out how we can help first communicants prepare for their first communion in this article from the St. Louis Review. Read more »

Heather Gallagher honored for service to Church

Read this article in the St. Louis Review to see Heather's name included among these other holy women! Read more »

An Advocate for Abstinence

Chastity educator spreads message that premarital abstinence still works best. Read more »

Chastity: The New Counterculture

'We are revolutionary,' says America's only full-time Catholic chastity educator. Read more »

Chastity Leadership Overnight

Some video clips from an interview on KMOV. Read more »

Our Chastity Outreach

More clips from KMOV Channel 4. Read more »

24-year-old joins REAP Team as first-ever chastity educator

Check out this great article about Heather Gallagher in the St. Louis Review. Read more »

Youths Choose Chastity, "A Lifelong Lifestyle"

In this day and age of "just do it," why do youths choose chastity? Heather Gallagher, REAP Team chastity educator, offers two of many reasons that help convince youth that chastity is right for them. Read more »

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