Second Chance

Liz's Second Chance

Liz was shocked by what her boyfriend told her years after she got a second chance for chastity. Although she had mistakes in her past, his comment revealed the truth of God's transforming power. Read more »

Tom's Regrets and Second Chance

He never made a decision for chastity as a teen. Read about Tom's regrets for not making such a decision and see why he's so glad he started over and what he thinks of sex these days (it might surprise you). Read more »

What is Secondary Virginity?

God has the power to restore your emotionally, spiritually and mentally to a place where you can be pure and whole again. Committing to chastity after mistakes is possible and helps you become an amazing gift for your future spouse. Read more »

How can I undo my sexual past?

From the book, A Case for Chastity, read the complete chapter on transforming your past from regret and mistakes into building stones for a future full of hope. Read more »

What is the Process for Starting Over?

From the book, A Case for Chastity, read the complete chapter on starting over for those who have done the worst imaginable to those who simply have gone too far. Read more »

What if I want a second chance?

Starting over isn't as complicated as it might seem. Here are the basic reasons and ways to get your second chance at love, romance and relationships. Read more »

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