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How do I remove a mask?

Dear Paul,

On your retreat, I realized that I wear masks all of the time. It is so bad that I am not even sure who I am any more. What advice can you give me to help me remove my masks? Read more »

Prayer for the Healing of Social Media Memories

During summer of 2017, as a part of the Steubenville Youth Conferences, our chastity educator Rachel gave the Elevate Social Media workshop at Steubenville West in Tucson, AZ (July 14-16) and Steubenville St. Paul in St. Paul, MN (July 28-30). As a part of the workshop, she led the participants in a Prayer for the Healing of Social Media Memories. 

Below, you'll find the full text of the prayer, and the audio recording from Steubenville West. Feel free to use either format for your personal prayer or for your ministry, if that would be helpful. (Note: the audio is a slightly shortened form of the prayer, and differs slightly from what was prayed at St. Paul - time restraints led to some on-the-spot editing, with the help of the Holy Spirit; part of why the full text is included as well.)  Read more »

Where can I learn more?

Here are some more resources and links to some of the best information we could find on the subject. Read more »

My child is gay.

My child is gay – what do I do?

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My friend is gay.

I have gay and lesbian friends. What do I do?

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I think I'm gay.

I’m in high school, and I think I’m gay. What do I do?

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How do we talk about this with others?

I’m totally cool with the Church’s teaching on this topic, but I have friends and family members who aren’t. How do I talk about this with them?

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Who are we to judge?

How can the Church be so judgmental?! You can’t help the way you were born. I’m not judging gay people, because I certainly wouldn’t want anyone to judge me.

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Why can't gays get married?

When is the Church going to get with the times and allow gay marriage?

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What is the Church's teaching on homosexuality?

What exactly is the Church's teaching on homosexuality? Why doesn't the Church like gay people?

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