Subscribing to Our Podcast

What is Podcasting?

In simple terms, podcasting refers to the distribution of media files (typically an audio file in MP3 format) over the Internet.

Podcasting is popular because it makes it very easy for you to:

  1. Automatically check for new media content (shows, songs, etc.);
  2. Download that content to your computer (automatically if desired); and
  3. Transfer the audio files to a media player (e.g., an Apple iPod).

Podcasting uses a "publisher/subscriber" model. That is, media producers create (i.e., "publish") a podcast of their content, and consumers can subscribe to the podcast. If a consumer does not want a particular podcast feed anymore, he can simply unsubscribe at any time.

So in that broader context, "podcasting" really refers to the collection of technologies for automatically distributing, subscribing to, and managing media content.

How does Podcasting differ from Internet Radio?

The major difference between podcasting and what we think of as "Internet radio" is the immediacy or availability of the content. In general, the availability of an Internet radio broadcast is now. When you listen to an I-radio show you will hear whatever is currently playing on that stream. You can't rewind. You can't fast-forward. Just like AM and FM radio, you don't hear the beginning of an Internet radio show unless you tuned in at the exact moment the show started.

Podcasting, however, is much more like owning a tape or CD of a program. You can start listening anywhere and anytime you want. And you can listen to as much of the content as you want.

How do I subscribe to a Podcast?

You'll need a computer, podcast receiving software (typically called an "aggregator" or "client"), and an MP3 player to listen to the content.

Some popular free aggregators include Juice,,, and Apple's iTunes. Or just Google for free podcast client to find a long list of options.

You can subscribe by copy and pasting this link into your favorite RSS reader or podcatcher.

How do I listen to a Podcast?

A subscription enables automatic downloading of the podcast content to your personal computer. At that point, you can then listen to the podcast using any available MP3 player on your computer. Most podcast receiving aggregators include an MP3 player. Or you can transfer the media content to a portable MP3 player, such as Apple's iPod. Most podcast aggregators have features that allow you to automatically transfer selected content to your portable player.

Although Apple iPods are a popular tool for listening to podcasts, any digital audio player or computer with audio-playing software can play the MP3 (audio) files found on our podcast.