Intriguing Interview with Molly and Jennifer - Human Cloning and Stem Cell Research

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In this Intriguing Interview, Paul chats with Molly and Jennifer, two young women from St. Louis who are working hard to educate the public on a very dangerous and deceptive ballot initiative that Missourians will vote on this coming November. We encourage listeners to check out the following sites that are referenced in this interview - Don't Sign a Life Away!  (you can email Molly through this site if you want to help her), Women's Voices Against Cloning, Missourians Against Human Cloning, The St. Louis Review OnlineSt. Louis Respect Life Apostolate, Missouri Round Table for Life, and The Rosary Crusade.  Also, to view some awesome and highly informative videos with Fr. Tad called "Cutting Through the Spin", go here (requires Real Player) or you can view another video from Fr. Tad here (requires Quicktime).