Romantic Revolution

Open to the Public

(Ideal for Mary, the First Disciple Award) 

Monday, September 26, 2016
7:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m.
Cardinal Rigali Pastoral Center

This retreat is open to young women in grades 7 - 9 interested in learning more about relationships, romance and pure love in today's world. At least one adult for each group is expected to attend (no more than 10 girls per adult), and moms are more than welcome! Come as a big group or just a mother/daughter team.

Teen and young adult members of The REAP Team will give testimony to the power and beauty of chastity and how only through living out this virtue can true romance be revived in our world.

Registration Open Now!

Registration Fee: $10 per attendee (adult or teen) if received by September 12, 2016. 
Late registration is $15 and accepted if space is available
(registration fees may be transferred but are non-refundable)
Light refreshments will be included. 

To register, head to

Questions? Contact Joe Dobrynski at 314.792.7613 or  Rachel Leininger at 314.971.3153.

*For those trying to earn the Mary, the First Disciple Award, the Romantic Revolution fulfills the Chapter 1, Requirement #8 in the Award book.

Presented by The REAP Team
In cooperation with the Office of Youth Ministry
Agencies of the Catholic Youth Apostolate (CYA)
Archdiocese of St. Louis

Feedback from the Romantic Revolutions:

From the teen girls:
-I loved this retreat! It was fun and full of non-stop activities. I think that young people will choose to become chaste.
-I thought it was really fun since it was explained really well.  I learned that chastity is a better way to live.
-I liked it a lot. I can actually use the information in real life
-It was awesome. I learned a little about chastity in school but I learned a lot here.
-I always love hearing real life stories so I loved the talks.
-It made me think about how I act with guys.
-I liked the modesty talk from Chris (the guy on the team).
-I thought it was great. I really like the talks. I will always remember to believe in myself.
-I thought about how much I need God in all my relationships.
-I learned God has more meaning to me than a guy can treat me.

From the moms & troop leaders:
-I have to let you know the best part of the day was our drive home (approx. 35 minutes), my daughter and I had some great conversations about chastity, God, boys, school and choices!  Here's to keeping the talking going and to continuing the "Romantic Revolution."
-Covered a range of very appropriate topics that were presented at a level that all the girls could easily understand.
-The talks from the teens were most memorable for me.
-I especially liked the male perspective on how men/boys view women.
-Excellent - right mix of talks and mixers and activities.
-Yes, (I grew closer to God) by seeing how one little event may change the future of even one girl and how the word of chastity can be spread so easily and quickly.

More feedback from the Romantic Revolution

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