Sweet websites with stories and juicy info on sex, dating and relationships, books chucked full of wisdom and advice and even videos and retreats are all listed here to help you get the most out of your sexuality.

Ugly Emily

Check out this chapter from Paul Masek's book "Stirring It Up" on the topic of Reading the Bible!  The Chapter is called Ugly Emily: Read more »

Examination of Conscience

The REAP Team offers you this examination of conscience to help you as you seek to become closer to God. It is also attached to this page as a Word document in case you would like to print off copies for a Sacramental Reconciliation service. Read more »

Amazing Articles on Sex & Chastity

Amazing ArticlesTo grow in chastity, it's important to fill your mind with good reasons why you live it and how to turn your heart more toward love than anything else. These articles are quick, easy ways to accomplish this.

General Articles on Sex

"Sordid Science: The Sex Research of Alfred C. Kinsey" by Susan Brinkmann; The Catholic Standard & Times

"The Truth Behind Alfred Kinsey: Susan Brinkmann on the Scientist and His Research"; Zenit News Agency

Which Comes First in Adolescence - Sex and Drugs or Depression?; American Journal of Preventive Medicine

Address to a U.S. House of Representatives Committee in 1998 by Lakita Garth, Miss Black California 1995

Do You Hate Rules? by Heather Gallagher, Office of Youth Ministry Blogs 

Great Sex

"Married Women Enjoy the Best Sex"; Reuters - iWon News

"The Real Secret to Better Sex: The 'swinging singles' aren’t having so much fun, after all" by Mary Beth Bonacci, Chastity Speaker and Expert

"The Best Sex You Can Get" by John Dickson; Matthias Media

Thinking of Sex

"Looking Beyond Lust"; Washington Times

Contraception - For Teens & in Marriage

"What's Wrong with Our Condom Nation?" by Emily Limbaugh, Director of Best Choice, Pregnancy Resource Center

"Marital Chastity and Natural Family Planning" by Stacey Holgate; Domestic

"The Connection Between Contraception and Abortion" by Janet Smith

"NFP vs. Contraception"; The Couple to Couple League

Theology of the Body - Church Rescues & Elevates Sex

"What is the Theology of the Body and Why is it Changing so Many Lives?" By Christopher West, author of Theology of the Body Explained


Pure Love Club Articles on Homosexuality

"Source of Same-Sex Attractions in Children: Parenting and Social Influences"; Zenit News Agency

"Same-Sex Marriage: Not in Kids' Interest: Evidence Points to Harmful Effects", Zenit News Agency

"Homosexuality and Hope" by the Catholic Medical Association

"Recognizing and Treating Same-Sex Attractions in Children"; Zenit News Agency

"New Pastoral Care for Those with Same-Sex Attractions"; Zenit News Agency


Articles by Chastity Speaker and Author Mary Beth Bonacci on Masturbation - underlying causes, how to deal, etc.
"Why Feel Guilty?"
"More on the 'M' Article"
"Last Word on the "M" Word"

XXXChurch on Masturbation


"Internet Porn: Worse than Crack?";

"The Porn Factor: In the Internet age, pornography is almost everywhere you look. But what is it doing to real-life relationships?" by Pamela Paul; Time Magazine Online

"The Truth about Porn" by Shelley Lubben, former porn star

"Is the Easy Availability of Internet Porn Leaving Kids Too Sex-Savvy?"; ABC News

"Women and Porn: The Unthinkable Becomes Reality"; Pure Life Ministries

"Pornified: How Pornography Is Transforming Our Lives, Our Relationships, and Our Families"; St. Louis Post-Dispatch

"Degrading Women" by Mary Beth Bonacci

XXXChurch in the NY Times: "Suffering the Pornographers"; NY Times (skip the ad to get to the article)

"Pornography and Addicition" by Gene McConnell of the National Coalition for the Protection of Children & Families

"Top 3 Reasons Why Women Do Porn" by Shelley Lubben, former porn star

Women - Self-Respect & Sexy Fashions

"Idealized Women in TV Ads Make Girls Feel Bad"; Reuters

"Sexy Fashions: What Do Men Think";

Articles on Modesty by Mary Beth Bonacci
"You Are What You Wear"
"Seen Any Nice Ankles Lately?"
"Dressing Modestly vs. Dressing 'Dumpily'"
"Oh, Stop your Bragging!"
"Men and Modesty"

"Undressed in Public"; Catholic Exchange

Cohabitation & Marriage

"The Cohabitation Epidemic" by Neil Warren Clark, Founder of eharmony

"The Case for Marriage: A conversation with the authors";

"Healthy, Wealthy & Wed"; University of Chicago Magazine

"Cohabitation on the Rise: Data Show the Inherent Problems"; Zenit News Agency

"Cohabitation and Divorce" By Glenn T. Stanton; Focus on the Family

"Can I move in with my boyfriend before marriage?" Answered by Jason Evert, Chastity Speaker and Author

"Why are the divorce rates so high for couples who lived together before marriage?" Answered by Jason Evert, Chastity Speaker and Author

"What the Data Show About Marriage and Families: Range of Evidence Lends Credence to Backers of Traditional Lifestyles"; Zenit News Agency

"The losing record of cohabitation"; World Net Daily

Celibacy - One Way of Living Chastity

"Celibacy for the Kingdom & the Fulfillment of Human Sexuality" by Christopher West, author of Theology of the Body Explained

Drugs, Sex & Alcohol - The Connection

"Study: Teen-agers often mix unsafe sex with drink, drugs"; CNN

"Survey: Teen Sex, Marijuana, Alcohol All Linked"; USA Today

Abortion & Feminism

"The Best Article Ever Written about Abortion – The Sisterhood, 27 Years Later"; Free Republic

"Redefining the F-Word: Feminists for Life and the Origins of the Women's Movement" by Zoë Romanowsky

"Alice Von Hildebrand on Feminism and Femininity"; Zenit News Agency

"Abortion Hurts Women: New studies show that abortion inflicts emotional damage -- worse than anyone ever imagined" by Mary Beth Bonacci, Chastity Speaker and Author

How Do I Live Chastity?

"How Do I Lead a Life of Sexual Integrity" by Emily Limbaugh, Director of Best Choice, Pregnancy Resource Center

Books on Chastity, Sex, & Relationships

Why would you live chastity? If you don't have numerous reasons, read some of these great books. Then, you'll be more than prepared then for one of the biggest adventures of life - romance and relationships! Read more »


Cool websites and online articles chucked full of interesting facts, fun ideas for living chastity and numerous different perspectives. Don't just take our word on saving sex, see what these guys have to say... Read more »

Make a Chastity Pledge

I want more of those chastity commitment cards. How can I print some of my own? Read more »

Chastity Retreats

RetreatsInstead of having just one speaker, with one perspective and one long talk on such a challenging topic, The REAP Team recommends something different - a retreat, which could last from one hour to an entire weekend. Read more »

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