Stacey Recommends

As a mother of two, former teacher and youth retreat minister and still in her 20's, Stacey not only gives a parental perspective, but also hip and trendy thoughts for teens.

(Note: some movies in this list are R-rated, but I'm an adult. I would advise teens reading this list to never see an R-rated movie without parental permission!)

Recent Hits

  • Cheaper By the Dozen (PG): Hilarious for an aspiring Mother of 12!
  • Mona Lisa Smile (PG13): The thing I loved about this movie was... (review below)
  • Miracle (PG): There are no words!!!
  • Calendar Girls (PG13): The cutest story about ageless beauty!
  • Radio (PG)

All-Time Favorite Hits

  • The Secret of Roan Inish (PG): All time favorite Irish flick!
  • Remember the Titans (PG): Gotta love this sports action flick!

Mona Lisa Smile (PG13)

The thing I loved about this movie was it's challenge to all women to not simply abide by whatever society dictates as the norm but to be who you were meant to be. MLS was set in the 50s so the real challenge for young women was to go against society's expectations in order to have a career outside of the home. At first I found Julia Roberts' character to be frighteningly opposed to wives and mothers making a life out of creating a haven for their families. And yet, as the movie went on, I saw that she simply was crying out for the young women of the time so that they could have the choice. I agree with the notion that no one should be forced into any role and should come there by choice. I have been a stay-at-home mom for 2 years now and I loved it. Almost completely opposite of the movie, the challenge posed in our society today is for young women to decide to stay at home with their children as friends, family and strangers look on remarking at how you've wasted your degree or you don't have a fulfilling life. Now that I am starting teaching in the fall (rock on RK), I am so glad that I come to the workforce by choice. I am not caving in to what society has pressured me to be, I have chosen to be a Mom and a teacher. Some of the most incredible women I know worked full time while raising their beautiful children and I simply agree with the movie basic theme of a woman's right to be a rocket scientist and a mom if she so chooses. Ladies, the door is never closed to you. Dream big!