These are movies we've seen and encourage others to check out. You might disagree with our commentaries on certain movies, and that's okay. This is just meant to be a fun page and we hope you'll enjoy!

Stacey Recommends

As a mother of two, former teacher and youth retreat minister and still in her 20's, Stacey not only gives a parental perspective, but also hip and trendy thoughts for teens. Read more »

Brian Recommends

Can you see it? Doesn't he look like Crush on Finding Nemo? Okay, maybe he just sounds like Crush. Read Brian perspective on much more than Nemo. This former REAP staffer (now Jesuit seminarian) has cool stuff to say. Read more »

Heather Recommends

Believe it or not, Heather's favorite movie isn't a chick flick (although many of her other picks fit that category). She her odd and predictable choices as well as why she sometimes recommends movies with pre-marital sex (yikes!) Read more »

Paul's Recommends

Being a family guy (not The Family Guy), Paul has suggestions for teens, families and, of course, GUYS! He likes movies that are funny or where a lot of people die (that's real life, right?). Read more »

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