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Real-life questions from real-life teens. Got a burning question about chastity or sexuality or anything else? Ask the REAP Team! Your responses will be answered by a REAP Team staff member. Go to our contact us page and choose 'QNA' from the drop-down menu.

Chastity gives you freedom?

Q: I don't understand how chastity makes life freer. Isn't chastity all about the stuff you can't do? How is that a good thing?

We all know that we have free will – we can choose to do whatever we want with our lives. It’s completely up to us how we spend our time, money, and affection. But simply having free will doesn’t mean we have real freedom. When we use our free will to make poor choices, decisions contrary to God’s plan for our lives, we often are left with devastating consequences that trap us – Jesus would even say that they enslave us. In John’s Gospel, Jesus tells his followers that by knowing him, they know the truth that would set them free. They get confused, and tell Jesus that they have always been free, but Jesus explains to them that anyone who sins becomes a slave of sin (John 8:31-38). Read more »

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