Questions from Teens

Real-life questions from real-life teens. Got a burning question about chastity or sexuality or anything else? Ask the REAP Team! Your responses will be answered by a REAP Team staff member. Go to our contact us page and choose 'QNA' from the drop-down menu.


     Over this last year I have given my life to Jesus and am so happy about it! His love can never be replaced by anything or anyone and I am so excited to live out His plan for me and glorify Him in everything I do!  But here's a question I've been struggling with...

     When people say they love Jesus but still choose to drink or be sexually active outside of marriage, I know that's against God; but will they still go to Heaven since they go to church and believe in Jesus?  It seems like then they would be receiving the gift of eternity with God without any sacrifice... Read more »

My Relationship with God is at a Standstill

I'm at a standstill in my relationship with God; whenever I pray its like talking to a brick wall. I never feel any different, and I just need to know that someone will always be there for me. What can I do? Read more »

I'm Being Bullied - What Can I Do?

Dear REAP Team,

When I get bullied at school, I feel like I should yell or fight back, but I know that's not what God would want me to do. So what DO I do? Do I sit and take it?

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My Parents Don't Trust Me

Dear Rachel,

Recently I did something wrong and I got caught. Also, my parents have also found out that my friends have been making bad choices, too. My parents don’t trust me any more. What can I do?

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Help Me Quit Smoking

I tried my 1st cigarette about 5 days ago..and already have smoked 12. After I tried one..I was hooked. All I could/can think about is lighting up just ONE MORE TIME.  I do not want to become a smoker like my parents and brother. I feel absolutely stupid for getting myself addicted and I just can't make myself stop.  Please, any advice that could help me kick this habit? Read more »

How Do I Find a Christian Wife?

How do you find a good Christian wife nowadays that doesn't want sex before marriage?  
And how do you stop the act of masturbation? Read more »

Is it Okay to Look at Swimsuit Models?


First of all, I'd like to say that this website, from what I've seen so far, is amazing and full of good advice. Now, I was wondering what kinds of images are not appropriate and in line with chastity. For example, are bikini models on magazine covers not right to see? And what about women who pose nude in a "graceful" way that doesn't show anything inappropriate (doesn't show any frontal nudity)? Sorry if this question is confusing or weird. Thanks in advance.


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Will I Ever Find the Right Guy?

Dear REAP Team,
    Will I ever find the right guy? Do I deserve the right guy? I want a guy that will treat me respectfully and love me more than anything. You came to my school.  I do not know if I will ever find that guy though, I do not know if I deserve it.

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I've Seen a Ghost...What Should I Do?

I’ve seen a ghost in my house, I can’t sleep, & I am always nervous - what should I do? Read more »

Is it wrong to think about being physically affectionate . . .

Is it wrong to think about being physically affectionate with each other (in the chaste ways that we actually do in real life) when we're not together?

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