REAPers aren't just wacky and weird on retreats, they are the same way in their newsletters. Okay, they are not actually in their newsletters, but you'll recognize their influence throughout all the inspiration, upcoming events, fun facts, jokes and much more.

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Fall 2006 Newsletter

St. Louis Cardinals Baseball Trivia, a Paraplegic's view of Amendment 2, REAP Benefit Concert, Romantic Revolution, Answers for "Am I still a virgin?" and a question about Suicide and Heaven, Halloween & Thanksgiving humor. Read more »

Summer 2006 Newsletter

Superman trivia, recent blogs, REAP Team news, turning around a sexual relationship, eating disorder advice, vacation inspiration, and more! Read more »

Spring 2006 Newsletter

"Everybody Loves Raymond" Trivia, New REAP website, hot teen issues - drugs & Wicca, pro-life t-shirt day, getting over you ex, Bible twister and more... Read more »

Fall 2005 Newsletter

Lord of the Beans? Freak dancing, why no women priests?, Lazer Tag, Porn & Strip Clubs, Stem Cells, SuperPope and much more... Read more »

Summer 2005 Newsletter

The Chronicles of Narnia...POWERFUL Rap Video...Throw Paper....Homosexuality...XLT Read more »

Winter 2005 Newsletter

Sex in the media, "Baby Got Book..."a great music video, REAP desktop backgrounds, Prayer of Abandonment and much, much more! Read more »

Fall 2004 Newsletter

There are Catholic actors, liven up Thanksgiving dinner, Pure Love Club, Olympcs and abortion or baby...what happened?, random Catholic facts and more! Read more »

Summer 2004 Newsletter

Catholic movies, Go Cards!!!!, Church's teaching on homosexuality, interesting bread statistics, some great novenas, and a great deal of more spectacular things. Read more »

Winter/Early Spring 2004 Newsletter

Lord of the Rings, Hubble Telescope, John Paul II "One of the Greatest Moral Leaders of Our Time," A Case for Chastity....what do these all have in common....yes, they are all in this newsletter with much more! Read more »

Fall 2003 Newsletter

HURT video, addicting games, Little Flower Society, funny analogies, Tolkien movie mania and much more. Read more »

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