Occasionally we showcase music we think rocks! It's Catholic, they love REAP, and much of it is free for download from our website. Who doesn't love free stuff?!

Steubenville Podcast Bonus Music Video

The bonus music video for all faithful "Steubenville Series of Podcasts" listeners can be found by clicking right here - be prepared, though, as it is a long download - but certainly worth it!

Tsunami Relief - More Than a Prayer

The Office of Youth Ministry has a page devoted entirely to this charitable effort, on which you can listen to sample tracks, learn about the musicians, and purchase the CD, which was compiled for so great a cause. Check it out!

Exodus Two Zero - Novena

Some local Catholic musicians here in the St. Louis area have composed a CD of some inspirational music that they want to share, far and wide, and free of charge. I think you will like it. Feel free to download, listen, and share... Read more »

Danny Liston - Last Call

Danny ListonLong-time friend of the REAP Team and former team member Danny Liston has released a solo CD entitled "Last Call". St. Louis area rock and roll enthusiasts will remember Danny as one of the founding members of the classic rock band Mamas Pride. After years of wild rock and roll living, confusion and substance abuse, Danny has discovered the love and power of God in his life. One of his great passions in life now is to share a message of hope and freedom in Christ through music. Danny recently told Paul Masek of the REAP Team that he is "more proud of this CD than anything he has ever done in the past." So, check it out. Read more »

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