General Info

What is the REAP Team?

The REAP (Retreat Evangelization And Prayer) Team is a retreat ministry of the Catholic Youth Apostolate of the Archdiocese of St. Louis. The REAP Team consists of adults and teenagers who have been trained to convey the Gospel to young people of all ages. Members of the REAP Team have a personal commitment to Jesus Christ, a love for teenagers, respect for the Catholic Church, regular participation in Sunday worship, a personal prayer life, freedom from serious sin, regular reading of Scripture, and an openness to using the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

What does the REAP Team do?

Using humor, drama, skits, faith sharing, games, and music, the Team's focus is to touch young people's hearts, open their minds, and stir their souls with the love of Jesus Christ. The REAP Team works closely with the leaders of each group to whom they minister, in order to meet the specific needs of the audience. Our ministry events can be as short as one hour or as long as several days.

What is the purpose?

The purpose of a REAP retreat is three-fold. First, we strive to create an environment that will allow a young person the opportunity to experience (for the first time or in a deeper way) the personal love and call of the Lord Jesus Christ. Second, we try to give young people a positive experience of the Church through giving them the opportunity to share with other Christians who take their faith seriously. Third, we desire to help young people grow in their sense of belonging to a community of believers, especially the local Church.

How large is the REAP Team?

Each school year, there are over 100 members of The REAP Team, including two full-time staff members, one part-time employee, and many talented volunteers. The size of a team for any given retreat depends upon the time, location, date, and size of the event, but on average, 4-5 team members (including at least one staff person) present most of our ministry events.

What is the content of a REAP retreat?

Retreats may include a wide range of topics: God's Love, Self-Image, Confirmation, Chastity, Peer Pressure, Drug and Alcohol Resistance, Obstacles to God's Love, Prayer, Forgiveness, Freedom in Christ, The Power of the Holy Spirit, and Catholic Identity. These topics may be addressed either individually or in any combination.

Years of Experience

In nearly 30 years of ministry, The REAP Team has presented nearly 4000 ministry events, which have reached over 265,000 people with the Gospel of our Savior, Jesus Christ.