Fun Stuff

What's a website worth if there's no fun stuff on it?! So, we've made available for your computing pleasure some goofy desktop background images, REAP Team ministry bloopers, movie recommendations, wacky newsletters, holy, rocking music and more!

Desktop Backgrounds

To brighten your day, make yourself laugh, or to inspire yourself, check out these pics. You can right click with your mouse button to set one of them as your desktop background; then, you will be one of the coolest people that you know!


REAP Team Desktop Background  REAP Hackysack  Bunny with Hairspray

Keep it Stirred Up!  Our Favorite Mask  Paul & Heather with Pope John Paul II and Archbishop Burke

Paul's Pumpkin Head  Paul with Uranus  People Wearing Masks

REAP Headquarters  Mystery Can  The REAP Mobile

REAP Morphs

Paul's morph into Jon Lovitz is scary. The only that really changes is the hair. But, you'll never guess who Heather morphs into... Read more »

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