Erin's Reasons for Living Chastity

Would it be sensible for someone to stand in the middle of a busy highway? They would be exposing their life to unnecessary danger. The consequences would not be worth the risk. Living the virtue of chastity is a commitment that protects a person from brutal injury on the busy highway of life.

Chastity is a unique treasure from God. Sex should be experienced and enjoyed inside the boundaries of marriage. Crossing over those boundaries puts a person in danger of physical, emotional and spiritual pain. God gave us boundaries because He loves us and wants to protect us. He created sex as a fulfillment of His miracle of new life. It allows us to share in His divinity by experiencing the power of creation.

Chastity is also a sign of love and respect. It shows love for God by following His commandment. It shows love and respect for a person’s future spouse by waiting to share the special bond of sex with only them. Making the commitment to stay chaste before marriage proves that someone can be trusted to be faithful after marriage. Finally, chastity is a sign of love and respect for yourself, the temple God created.

Having sex before marriage never goes without painful consequences, such as dangerous sexually transmitted diseases or an unplanned pregnancy. Staying chaste eliminates the threat of an abortion that kills a child and a part of the person. Every time a person has premarital sex they give away a part of themselves, until eventually there is nothing left to give.

Staying chaste is a choice that all young people must make. When they make this choice, they have to realize that they are not just planning their life, they are living it. They must make the right choice the first time. It could save a life, maybe more than one.