A Case for Chastity

Teens: Wonder why or how to live the virtue of chastity? Want to be better prepared when friends or peers ask why you're living chastely? Adults: Looking for effective ways to articulate and encourage chastity? Need a good resource for the youth in your life? Teachers: Looking for a good classroom resource to teach sexuality and chastity? Search no longer...

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Table of Contents

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Introduction: Why Should I Read This Book? - xv

A: Attitudes and Approaches: What Choices Do I Have? - 1

B: Be Different: But Everybody Else Is Doing It - 7

C: Chastity: What Does It Have to Do With Me? - 12

D: Discovering the Unavoidable Consequences of Sex: What Could Really Go Wrong? - 19

E: Experiencing Real Love: Isn’t Sex the Natural Expression of Love? - 27

F: Freedom: Nobody Is Going to Tell Me What to Do - 33

G: Great Sex: But I Want Sex to Be Passionate and Exciting - 40

H: Having It Your Way: Can’t I Define the Meaning of Sex? - 47

I: If Not Sex, What Can I Do? How Far Is Too Far? - 54

J: Just My Thoughts: Why Do They Matter? - 62

K: Killing It Slowly: Can’t We Just Use Contraception? - 66

L: Laying Aside a Myth: Doesn’t Chastity Lead to Repression? - 74

M: Making a Distinction (Between Homosexual Orientation and Behavior): I Can’t Help It; It’s Just How I Am - 80

N: Nobody But Me: What’s the Big Deal With Masturbation? - 87

O: Oral Sex: Is It Really Sex? - 92

P: Pornography: How Does Looking at Pictures Hurt Anyone? - 96

Q: Questioning the Church: What Do Celibate Men Know About Sex Anyway? - 100

R: Respect That Builds Self-Esteem: But I Like Attention - 106

S: Starting Over: What If I’ve Already Lost My Virginity? - 112

T: Trying to Undo the Past: How Can I Move Beyond the Memories? - 117

U: Under One Roof: What’s Wrong With Cohabitation? - 123

V: Vocation of Marriage: With So Much Divorce, Is It Really Worth Waiting? - 128

W: What to Do: Chastity Sounds Nice, But Is It Practical and Realistic? - 133

X: XX: How Can Women Live Chastely? - 138

Y: YX: How Can Men Live Chastely? - 144

Z: Zero Regrets: The Decision Is Yours - 152

Appendix A: Where Else Can I Turn? - 157

Appendix B: What Can I Do to Have Fun and Show Affection Without Having Sex? - 165

Notes - 169

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