Chastity Challenge

The REAP Team is convinced that the decision to live a life of sexual purity is the second most-important decision that a teenager can make, next to the commitment to allow Jesus to be a more important part of your life.
"How many... think that because certain forms of behavior are socially accepted they are therefore morally right? They abuse the beautiful gift of sexuality..."

"I appeal especially to young people to rediscover the wealth of wisdom, the integrity of conscience and the deep interior joy which flow from respect for human sexuality understood as a great gift from God and live according to the truth of the body’s nuptial (marital) meaning."

—Pope John Paul II

Second Chance

Gone too far? Gone all the way, maybe many times? No matter what you've done, you're not too far for God's mercy, love and incredible plan for your life. Read on to see how to start over and why it's more worth it than you can imagine!

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