Referral Form

Two referrals must be filled out (preferably by non-family members) and sent to The REAP Team as part of the application process.  Print and give the referral directly to your the two people you selected - or email the referral link to each person. We ask that completed form be scanned and emailed as an attachment to or printed out and then mailed to the REAP Team office at the address below by our Winter deadline of December 15 or Summer deadline of July 25.

Name of Person Applying to the REAP Team _______________________________________

Thank you for taking the time to fill out this letter of reference for the Catholic youth retreat ministry of the REAP (Retreat Evangelization and Prayer) Team. We greatly value the information that we receive in these referrals and use them as an important source in determining whether or not someone should be accepted to our ministry. Because our volunteers serve in positions of spiritual leadership for young people, we accept only those applicants who show exemplary Christian character and who possess the skills necessary for successfully leading youth to Christ. Your honest and straightforward appraisal of the applicant's strengths and weaknesses will help to insure the fielding of the finest possible team members during the coming year. You may rest assured that everything in this form will be held as strictly confidential. Thank you!

Your Contact Information


Address _________________________________________

City______________________ State________ Zip________

Primary Phone Number _____________________________

If needed, I may be contacted at ____home ____work ____either.

About the Applicant

Please answer the following questions in the space provided. If you need more space, feel free to use another page.

1. How long have you known the applicant, and in what kind of relationship?


2. How well would you say you know the applicant?
____very well ____well ____average ____not well ____very little

3. How does the applicant respond to authority?


4. Can the applicant take responsibility and demonstrate leadership?


5. Do you have any reason to question the applicant's moral character?
____Yes ____No (If yes, please explain.)


6. Are you aware of any outstanding gifts or abilities in the applicant?


7. What degree of confidence would you give this applicant in:

a) One-on-one ministry: (low) 1 2 3 4 5 (high)
b) leadership position: (low) 1 2 3 4 5 (high)

Please comment:


8. Using the scale below, please rate the applicant on the following:

Unknown Poor Below Average Average Above Average Excellent
"UN" 1 2 3 4 5

____ Self-discipline
____ Self-control
____ Self-confidence
____ Punctuality
____ Integrity
____ Adaptability

____ Respected by peers
____ Dependability
____ Common sense
____ Cooperation
____ Pleasing demeanor
____ Communication skills

____ Emotional stability
____ Well-rounded interests
____ Ability to work through conflicts
____ Spiritual maturity
____ Knowledge of Scripture
____ Ability to share faith

In the event that an opportunity to comment on some important information about the applicant has not been given, please use the space below or another page to include your remarks.




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(Your Signature) (Date Signed)

Thank you for taking the time to complete this reference letter for The REAP Team. We are very grateful for your assistance.

Please mail the completed form to the REAP Team Office by December 15 or July 15 to:

The REAP Team
27 Grand Circle Drive
Maryland Heights, MO 63043